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RT @dollyspears: So I'm the only one who can't hate on zayn? I mean i hate what he did to us and the boys but i still love that idiot (i wo…

— SLAY LOU #TEAMLOUIS (@louisvansmate) March 31, 2015

RT @harrysecret: RT IF YOU WILL SUPPORT THESE FOUR BOYS NO MATTER WHAT #masterofallwisdom http://t.co/o01hLZKPuf

— marce♡ (@sxssyunic0rn) March 31, 2015

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how the boys are feeling rn with this bullshit? :(

— OH MAI GAH (@namelessdanie) March 31, 2015

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RT @zouistext: naughty boy: i'm so so sorry boys. hope we can be friends :) liam: 🏃 louis: 🏃 H: 🏃 niall: Hey look its the homeboy stealer …

— #TeamLouis (@xNiallBabexx) March 31, 2015

RT @zouis_bros: zayn: *throws pebbles on louis' window* louis: go away zayn: im sorry- louis: just go back inside naughty boys' fat roll…

— one direction (@wetliampayne) March 30, 2015

RT @Louis_Tomlinson: So so lovely to have the boys there thank you so much @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles and @NiallOfficial for being ther…

— glori | z.m (@adicttozjm) March 30, 2015

RT @98sftlarry: RT THE BOYS DESERVE TO WIN MORE THAN EVER #1DRDMASVOTINGHOUR I vote for #OneDirection #TheyreTheOne @radiodisney http://t.…

— one direction (@wetliampayne) March 30, 2015

RT @1DLittleSecret: Massive thanks to @prestonmahon for being so amazing through the years to us as fans and the boys,we really appreciate …

— glori | z.m (@adicttozjm) March 30, 2015

RT @saroohamaliik: I think Zayn fits way better with 1D than naughty boys but who am I? lol

— Mariana Sánchez (@MariSr15) March 30, 2015

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Let's keep the hard work boys! 👏💪#OurAllOurHonour #LetsGoCaps #VWFC http://t.co/0QbKcZP5iH

— Kendall Waston (@kwaston88) March 30, 2015


— zjm (@adicttozjm) March 30, 2015

RT @girlposts: I dont normally chase after boys but if he's over 6ft and has nice muscles, a bitch might just power walk

— Charline Sanabria (@charlines5) March 30, 2015

Miraaaaa estaban jugando los hemorragia's boys vs Belen...

— Eduardo Guti (@Eduardo_Guti) March 29, 2015

Me acuerdo una vez que a Carlitos “Villaneily” le compré una camisa toda paquete de los Hardy Boys xD todo por la fiebre de las luchas jaja

— Julio Aguilar G. (@Juliocr2728) March 29, 2015

RT @BandsandBoyband: The Boys are thanking us for not giving up on them We're thanking the boys for being there for us #1DFAMHERETOSTAY ht…

— Liam payne. (@wetliampayne) March 29, 2015

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