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RT @thinkprogress: Rally invites “fellow patriots, veterans, bikers, rednecks and good ol’ boys” to anti-Islam protest http://t.co/uvv5b9Or

— jose tomas batalla (@batallajose) October 6, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

RT @OTRAUpdates2015: The boys will be performing at the KIISFM Jingle Ball on the 4th December at the Staples Center in LA! http://t.co/W9N

— jime | 12 | 38 | (@louisvansmate) October 6, 2015

RT @MTVMusicUK: Have you voted for your boys yet, #Directioners?! Vote @onedirection using #EMABiggestFans1D http://t.co/mSZMCb8R8g http://…

— karina aguilar (@karii_aguicam) October 6, 2015

🎶I charm you and tell you of the boys I hate, all the girls I hate, all the words I hate, all the clothes I hate🎶

— Diego (@deprotti) October 6, 2015

RT @tbhstop: Boys who grab your face when they kiss u are a gift

— De la Torre (@fromdahtower) October 5, 2015

RT @BBCMOTD: Shouldn't you have been at Doncaster watching your boys beat Barnsley @Louis_Tomlinson? #OneDirection http://t.co/iS0TSXJBFc

— jime | 13 (@louisvansmate) October 5, 2015

RT @CaliTracking1D: The boys have been confirmed for both the Dallas Jingle Ball and LA Jingle Ball! http://t.co/8jdgTlmig7

— jime | 13 (@louisvansmate) October 5, 2015

RT @DepressedDarth: When boys hold you in the air http://t.co/A8DswOSkob

— Emanuel (@Emanuel_rz) October 5, 2015

RT @totpmag: ICYMI @TheVampsband new video for #WakeUp features the scrumptious @brooklynbeckham. Seriously, too many hot boys! http://t.co…

— #WakeUpVideoIsOut! (@EHJ_LoveBooks) October 5, 2015

RT @KeepUpdated1D: The boys in the Guinness world records 2016 with 5 awards. #EMABiggestFans1D http://t.co/koJtonAuxm

— jime | 14 (@louisvansmate) October 5, 2015

Princesos Boys!!

— Eduardo Guti (@Eduardo_Guti) October 5, 2015

RT @girlposts: boys with nice eyelashes don’t deserve nice eyelashes THEY DONT EVEN APPRECIATE THEM THEY DONT EVEN NOTICE THEM IM SO MAD

— Lovato (@bieberdrauhlis) October 4, 2015

Stupid Twitter boys https://t.co/2ps8FLyNWs

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) October 4, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

RT @OTRAUpdates2015: The boys have a new song listed on ASCAP which was co-written by Louis and Harry called "Perfect"! #EMABiggestFans1D h…

— jime | 14 (@louisvansmate) October 4, 2015

You boys are ignorant ASF.

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) October 4, 2015

You boys except too much.

— AsiaPersuAsia (@AsiaSariahJacks) October 4, 2015

— (@) January 1, 1970

¿Cuándo va a ver boys night y nos van a regalar cover con barra libre y todas las mujeres nos van a llegar a ligar? Esto tiene que cambiar.

— Killer nugget (@PolloBermudez) October 4, 2015

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