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Caminar por la Ave Central mientras escucho Pet Shop Boys si me hace sentir cool y millonario!

— Vladimir Duran (@vladimirdurmont) November 26, 2015

RT @OT4WWUpdates: The boys are there to promote the album yes. Some journalists don't get that though and they try to get personal question…

— Josselyn (@xweyheynixllxx) November 25, 2015

RT @NotesForGirlz: I love boys who have the guts to tell a girl in person they look pretty

— Vale Saborío (@ValeSaborio) November 25, 2015

RT @KeepUpdated1D: The boys are all in Mexico and they're loads of people outside the hotel. Looks like they'll close down some streets.

— Jims ✨ (@louisvansmate) November 25, 2015

📷 mamalaz: “But he’s my friend.” “So was I.” My boys (x) Esto fue demasiado para mi pobre corazón! https://t.co/FpuYm1VUAN

— Pao⚡ ∞ (@pao_mcfly_) November 25, 2015

RT @4Music: We've had sooooo much fun with @TheVampsband! The boys say thanks for all your tweets! We are trending #AskVamps!! https://t.c…

— #HBDMichaelClifford! (@IAmAnimalsLover) November 25, 2015

RT @4Music: Don't forget those @TheVampsband boys will be joining us for a Twitter takeover at 2.20 Tweet them #AskVamps 😍😍😍 https://t.co/A

— #HBDMichaelClifford! (@IAmAnimalsLover) November 25, 2015

RT @1DsTumblr: the boys are ALWAYS wonderful #MTVStars One Direction

— daniela (@namelessdanie) November 25, 2015

The boys will be back with @JKCorden I'm expecting something awesome please James

— Jims ✨ (@louisvansmate) November 25, 2015

RT @Niall_Updatess: Apparently the boys just arrived at Mexico

— Josselyn (@xweyheynixllxx) November 25, 2015

RT @globaltroyler: Holy shit I'm proud of my boys https://t.co/4xokeT899v

— xime (@PROUDMELLET) November 24, 2015

RT @Niall_Updatess: I'm so sad because the boys will be in my country today/tomorrow and i'm not going to see them 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😭

— Josselyn (@xweyheynixllxx) November 24, 2015

RT @KeepUpdated1D: The shoes the boys donated to charity. their feet are all so small🙆🏻 https://t.co/3JlSGcDTnn

— Jims ✨ (@louisvansmate) November 24, 2015

RT @fabi_147: 😍👌👌👌 RT @SexualTurnOns: Boys who grab your face with both hands when they kiss you win at pretty much everything

— Anecita (@Anecita) November 24, 2015

😍👌👌👌 RT @SexualTurnOns: Boys who grab your face with both hands when they kiss you win at pretty much everything

— Fabiola O. (@fabi_147) November 24, 2015

When you let ya boys see them nudes she sent! https://t.co/tpHTzVu2wy

— Big Boss Man (@Its_Ito_13) November 24, 2015

I love you boys from the bottom of my heart, see you soon <3 my audio { #nahniallto40k... (Vine by narry!) https://t.co/nOVNL2hfrC

— karina aguilar (@karii_aguicam) November 24, 2015

MAES, ESCUCHEN ESTA CANCIÓN. Who Is Fancy - Boys Like You ft. Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande https://t.co/Grbuf6M4gl via @YouTube

— Marianísimo. (@esetalNanozkii) November 24, 2015

RT @maharrytitties: is that why gigi was so awkward around the boys yesterday it all makes sense

— Jims ✨ (@louisvansmate) November 24, 2015

RT @harrymoonavenue: I find it weird how guliana introduced gigi to the boys yesterday on the red carpet though like 🤔

— Jims ✨ (@louisvansmate) November 24, 2015

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